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14 July , 2020

Cleaning vinyl wallcoverings DreamScape

Since DreamScape wallcoverings boasts with dirt resistance, any stain can be washed off with an ordinary cloth soaked in warm water (it is best to dampen the cloth so that no unnecessarily large amounts of water flow down the wallcovering), in case of need use mild soap, nothing abrasive, rough as a steel wool, or something lumpy, which would unnecessarily scratch the surface of the wallcovering.

There is no need to use alcohol, solvents or cleaners containing pine oil. If the dirt is more resistant, you can use a detergent, but keep in mind the above requirements for it. The ideal movement of cloth when washing is from bottom to top. When rinsing, the cloth goes in the opposite way - from top to bottom. Deeper embosing requires drying by towel or cloth, something that leaves no thread.

If the wallpaper is placed in an area with a high frequency of movement of people, and you are afraid that it will get dirty or scrached quickly, it is possible to treat the surface with a water-based coating.