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9 April , 2018

Flex Europa is exclusive european distributor of DreamScape printable vinyl wallcoverings, produced by US company Roysons. Flex Europa have chosen this Company because of motto of distributing of innovative and high quality products kept in mind. But it is not just quality. It is also high warrant...Read more

25 April , 2018

Have you ever experienced that illuminating feeling of getting an awesome idea so you start to creating new product, looking for great employees, clients and partners, making a marketing plan, investing all of your spirit, mind, body and social life to make it all happen, and then... well, nobody kn...Read more

4 June , 2018

Innovations, new products, development, advancement...these all are synonyms for present days in all industries. Apart from practical devices or inventions, there is a big space for another field to expand. I am talking about design which makes our everyday reality more comfortable, nicer and more...Read more

24 January , 2019

Do you know Rema Days 2019 in Warsaw – the biggest exhibition in Poland? There are many suppliers, printers, architects, let´s say, everybody who is looking for or exhibiting their best in the field of digital print and other types of print, finishing etc. When it comes to stuff you can print on – p...Read more

6 May , 2019

Yes, there are many ways to decor walls to make them help create desired atmosphere in room. As a company, looking for and supplying the best from the market, the choice was clear - we will distribute DreamScape vinyl wallcoverings. Why? Because we would like to offer the world vinyl wallcoverin...Read more

14 July , 2020

Since DreamScape wallcoverings boasts with dirt resistance, any stain can be washed off with an ordinary cloth soaked in warm water (it is best to dampen the cloth so that no unnecessarily large amounts of water flow down the wallcovering), in case of need use mild soap, nothing abrasive, rough as a...Read more

18 September , 2020

The newest addition to the Special Effects Category of DreamScape wallcovering is the Holographic Series. Consisting of the patterns: Deja Vu, Limelight and Rave, the entire series is compatible with UV-curable, solvent and latex printing technology. They are the first of their kind in the wide wo...Read more