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6 May , 2019

What are vinyl wallcoverings and how to use them?

Yes, there are many ways to decor walls to make them help create desired atmosphere in room. As a company, looking for and supplying the best from the market, the choice was clear - we will distribute DreamScape vinyl wallcoverings.

Why? Because we would like to offer the world vinyl wallcoverings which will last for years without damage and that will stay in the same condition as the day they have been installed.

We know, that you don´t want to be ashamed for outcome of your hard work, so we are here to forego that situation. What are vinyl wallcoverings preventing you from?

- Image peel off from backing
- Holding mold
- Toxic smoke when on fire
- Obvious imperfections of wall under wallcovering
- Scratched print
- Printing problems
- Spots after printing
- Problematic repair
- Non - compatibility with printers
- Imperfect joints between wallcoverings
- Expanding or shrinking of wallcovering.

Combination of correct installation of vinyl wallcovering and right treating the wall under, Royson´s DreamScape vinyl wallcoverings will not make you regret your investment in higher quality.

Due to its structure - PVC and woven or non - woven backing - is this wallcovering stable on wall - no peeling off the wall and joints are also perfectly even. Weight 440 g per m2 makes DreamScape wallcoverings Type II wallcoverings, that are resistant towards scratch and wet environment. Measurements of one role: 1,37 x 30m - approximately distance of arms of one person. There are also sustainable wallcoverings in our offer - containing 31% of recycled materials. - ideal if you think green.

Usage of these vinyl wallcoverings is limited only with borders of interior, and, actually, with a roof over them, you can install them outdoor - but not for that long time.

With their capability to partially isolate, and intoxic content they are ideal for all rooms, restaurants, clubs - also in places with highly frequent movement. You can also use them in wet rooms such as bathrooms, or kitchens.

Look at all structures and choose wich will make your interior beautiful: flex-europa.eu/Wall_Covering