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3 September , 2023

New and better printable textiles! Choose your favourite

The most iconic and desired 5 types of printable textiles with better performance and feature are here. Pearl, Samba, Canvas, BlackBack and GreyBack of high quality waiting for your order!

We are constantly improving our offer. Therefore, we decided to include in our portfolio new large-format fabrics, which are even better, especially due to better printability and non-shrinking - if it has become distorted (eg when sewing), it will stretch during installation without any problems.

In addition to quality printing, you will also enjoy the excellent price. These fabrics are B1 certified and PVC- free (100% polyester). You don't have to sew, because we have the most desired products up to a width of 5.00 m. We offer other textiles in a width of up to 3.20 m. Our fabrics also boast good light transmittance, which helps save the necessary LEDs. All fabrics are printable by all digital printers thanks to the coating.

In the offer you will find Canvas, Pearl, Samba, Blackback and Greyback. These fabrics can be used indoors, but can also be installed in the exterior for a short time. Special dimensions can be ordered for a certain order volume.