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4 June , 2018

Why are vinyl wallcoverings the best?

Innovations, new products, development, advancement...these all are synonyms for present days in all industries. Apart from practical devices or inventions, there is a big space for another field to expand. I am talking about design which makes our everyday reality more comfortable, nicer and more attractive. Concretely interior design of walls in every object has the power to create this unique and specific atmosphere – sitting at cute coffee shop, feeling special and being well treated in restaurants, hotels, bars, clubs, malls, etc...
The competition amongst companies has one big advantage – everybody is trying to satisfy potential clients with better offer, with longer durability and make handling with their products easier for everyone. Above mentioned there are features typical for development of modern wallcoverings.

In the past we used to know just paper wallcoverings. They had and still have many disadvantages:
- dimensionally unstable material, which means need of another layer under space between wallpapers joints,
- too laborious application, and peeling off,
- water non-resistant, so you can´t clean them,
- scratch non-resistant...
But they still have their one advatage – they are cheap.

If some architect or designer wants to get creative, he/she can´t be dealing with all these problems over and over again. So, after som time, vlies wallcoverings have come to the business. There are:
- non-woven, made of natural fibers,
- thanks to its surface´s impregnation, it´s more scratch resistant and can be washed gently,
- printed image along with wallcovering itself keeps stable dimension and color.

And here comes star of these days in interior design industry : VINYL WALLCOVERINGS.
Where to start... So, here are some advantages:
- its mildew resistancy thanks to breathable surface means that you can apply them on wet walls,
- dimensional stability,
- easy application and peeling of,
- scratch resistant, which means you can mechanically wash them,
- thermic isolation,
- and at the end of the day, the price is competetive.

Vinyl wallcoverings are ideal choice for designers beacuse of many varieties of premium quality textures, special effects, dimensional stability, durability...
In this commercial industry it is very important to note that you can use vinyl wallcoverings in Points of Sale, retails, malls, hotels, restaurants etc because of their durability, so people who are leaning back on them will not damage them and can be easily washed by water or mechanically. They all have Class "A" fire retandancy certification.

Nowadays, you can find in companies´s offers which make even selfadhesive wallcoveirngs that are very practical, because of application without glue and easy peeling off or repositioning them.

Here you can see our offer of PVC or PVC free wallcoverings, selfadhesive vinyls and give them a try: