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26 June , 2023

Backlit vs. CE, CE LED backlit - which one is more effective?

Backlit - PVC banner enlighted from back is one of the most prefered material for digital print. This outdoor media is proven by time, but it could be hard to install it and reach even light distribution. You need whole installation team for it.

The companies are mostly using standard backlit with warranty cca 5 years, weather resistant and UV, latex and solvent printable.

As majority of succesful products, also backlit banner has its own upgraded version that is called CE backlit. Here are his new or improved features:
- mold resistancy - prolongs its warranty up to cca 7 years,
- in spite of its former version is lighter which means easier carrying and instalation - only one person can make it through the whole installation process = saved money for installation team,
- this tensional system will make exchange of commercial message easy - ttps://sketchfab.com/models/81d0fe2c24414251937c93361fbf93d7 ,
- is printable by UV and solvent inks and selfadhesive foils will adhere just perfectly.

There is available also CE LED backlit besides CE backlit. CE LED backlit is especially adjusted for LED enlighment. Tube enlightning is piece of history and its light distribution isn´t even and more expensive than LED enlightening. Its advantages are huge:
- saves energy in spite of tube enlightening and so far you do not need that many LED diods as for not adjusted media - basically saves 50% of LED diods,
- this media has great light transmission and even light distribution,
- thanks to less LED diods needed you save money and environment, too.

See our offer of CE backlits : flex-europa.eu/Longterm_Backlit_Media
and other PVC banners: flex-europa.eu/Outdoor_Media