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25 April , 2023

Story about flexible material coming to advertising industry

Have you ever experienced that illuminating feeling of getting an awesome idea so you start to creating new product, looking for great employees, clients and partners, making a marketing plan, investing all of your spirit, mind, body and social life to make it all happen, and then... well, nobody knows about you... So you know, that you need an advertisment that will scream to the world: „Yes, here I am!“ And you also need that advertisment to be longterm and durable, so it can be presenting you and only you for long time.

And here comes illuminated PVC banner (with large format, printable textile cape of hero)to save you. In Flex-Europa CE, we know what you need, that is why we distribute best of the best for your large format indoor and outdoor advertising.

The roots of Flex-Europa are in deep 90s in UK. Those were the times, when you have had to applicate your logo, brand´s name, or some commercial message made of selfadhesive foil on acrylatic plate and then had to wait and praise all the saints and no saints to keep your commercial message or brand´s name in good condition. Because, as you remember, some piece can fall away and you can be left with some naughty commercial message...

PVC banners are successors of those acrylatic commercial plates that were inflexible and hard. That had been an inspiration for Flex-Europa to show the world the flexiness of their products and they´ve started to spread their flexible word to the Central Europe and Middle East. Today, after years of looking for new producents, techniques and innovations, has Flex Europa big range of products – PVC banners – backlits, frontlits, mesh, blockouts, blackbacks, textiles, wallcoverings, truck curtains. These materials are suitable for outdoor or indoor exposure, they are illuminatable from back or frontal side. Some are UV, mildew, mold or weather resistant. All of them are printable by digital printers.

Do you think, that we are just bragging about quality of our products?
See our link: flex-europa.eu/ and make your own opinion.